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My Story

Hello, I'm Rachel, mother to a beautiful daughter and founder of Pour la Maman.
Motherhood did not start how I planned. After the birth of my baby, I experienced an unexpected maternal mental health illness. I was getting to grips with becoming a new mum during my recovery, and then the pandemic struck, bringing a whole new wave of challenges. All of these experiences opened my eyes to the true value of self care.
In the early days, relinquishing my mothering duties to take time for myself left me feeling guilty. But slowly, what started as small moments to myself to have a bath alone, put my thoughts down on paper or do a bit of exercise, soon became a regular part of my routine. It was only when I allowed myself that time out, and made sure it really counted, that I really started to heal. Knowing when I need those moments now allows me to stay well, and the time I spend with my daughter is far more rewarding for it.
As mums, we face new challenges daily, and these challenges become even harder when all our time and energy is used up on our little ones. It is so important we take the time to recharge, and think about our needs too. I was inspired to do something to help make things a little easier for mums, and so Pour la Maman was born.  With our thoughtfully curated wellbeing boxes to support women in pregnancy, postpartum and beyond, we truly hope we can make a difference. 
We hope you love our boxes as much as we do.

Our Mission

We aim to make self care easy and accessible for mums, at every stage of their journey. We hope our products will remind them that it's okay and so important to take little moments for themselves and our boxes are filled with products for them to do just this.

When I was pregnant I received an abundance of gifts for my baby, but the one I appreciated the most was a gift just for me! We all love the tiny booties and babygrows we get for our little bundles of joy, but it would be nice if a few more were for mama herself! When it comes to gifts specifically for mums needing TLC, the options are pretty slim, but Pour la Maman is here to help. Our boxes will provide a little something to let a loved one know you're thinking about them and have their wellbeing in mind.

We also want to normalise the act of mum’s treating themselves. It can seem like an impossible task fitting in even a scrap of ‘me time’, and that’s why our boxes are filled with products that work around you. Whether it is a half hour bath or a five minute tea break, we want to encourage mums to take that time. There is nothing wrong with getting yourself a box, you deserve it! 

To further support mums and their wellbeing, we donate to maternal mental health charities. 10% of the profits from every gift box sold on our website will go to PANDAS Foundation and Action on Postpartum Psychosis (5% to each charity). These wonderful charities are dedicated to supporting women and their families who are experiencing or have experienced perinatal mental illness. I found them particularly valuable in my own recovery, which is why we have chosen to support them.

Our Values

We are proud to work with small independent businesses to curate our wellbeing boxes. We source all our products and packaging from carefully selected partners, whose ethos align with our own.

We also take care to ensure that everything we select is made from the most natural ingredients, ensuring  to keep unnecessary chemicals away from you and your little ones.

Keeping the environment at the forefront of our minds, we keep our packaging minimal and our boxes and their contents totally plastic-free. We want to ensure our beautiful planet can be enjoyed by our children too after all. We know no one is perfect when it comes to being eco-friendly and we don't pretend to be either, but we are constantly finding ways we can improve and do our bit.

Our core value here at Pour la Maman, is keeping mothers at the centre of everything we do, and this includes supporting mums and championing each other. We work with several mum-owned brands, who like ourselves, are dedicated to supporting wellbeing and making the motherhood journey that little bit easier. These women inspire us and we're proud to showcase the products they have created in our boxes.

We will continue to find ways to create awareness of perinatal mental health, by working with our chosen charities, through our curated gifts and on all our social media pages. 


If you have any questions or would like to know more about our brand, please get in touch.